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What is the word Easter?

Something in the East?

Actually, the word “Easter” in English has Germanic roots through the Old English “ēastre”. “Ēastre” is both the name of a goddess associated with spring, and the way to say “East”. It could also refer to other Germanic roots indicating “dawn” and “shine”. There were festivals in the Spring to celebrate her and the arrival of Spring. Easter is still a pagan and Christless festival for many taking all sorts of meanings.

For us Christians, Easter is, of course, much more than the nice bunnies and chocolates. It is about Spring shining from on high! It is about the Risen Christ giving life to our mortal bodies and souls. It is about Life crushing death and Hell. It is about Christ’s Light dispelling the darkness of the devil. It is about the Risen Christ resurrecting our dead bones on the Last Day when He will come back in glory to judge the living and the dead! It is about the coming Spring of the Universe that is presently in a spiritual Winter where all is hostile to the things of God. The eternal Spring of Christ’s life will fill all things and all people with God’s eternal love. Easter is about God accepting the sacrifice of Christ as final payment for our sin. It is Christ, our Passover, who freed us from our slavery to sin and guilt. We are forgiven and adopted as beloved children of God. We live a new life in Him. It is about the end of spiritual darkness, and yes just like for Spring, more daylight! But this daylight is God’s eternal Light in the Risen Christ where the sadness of death is over. It is the hope and certainty that this short and difficult life is not the last word. The Last Word is “Christ is risen!”

For almost the next two months we will be in the time of Easter where all this will be underlined in the service and by the Paschal (from Passover) candle being lit.

So, indeed, Easter! Yes, Christ who shines with the warmth of God’s eternal Springtime for us.

The peace and joy of Easter be with you all. He is risen! Alleluia! Amen!

~ Pastor Jason

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