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Living as Easter Christians


Easter is almost over. Huh? Easter? Yes, just like in the Bible where Jesus appeared to His disciples for 40 days after His resurrection on Easter Day, we are still in the Easter season. On the 40th Day it was time for Jesus to go back to Heaven to His Father and our Father and God. This is Ascension Day (always on a Thursday - this year, it’s May 10.) The Sunday following Ascension Day will be the 7th Sunday of Easter (May 13 this year). After that we will have Pentecost Sunday and Trinity Sunday. Then follows over six months of ‘’Sundays after Pentecost’’ or ‘’ordinary Sundays’’ about the Church’s life and our Christian daily life.

But is the joy and victory of Easter really over? Is it ever over for us Christians? It is not over. Our life as Christians is never really ordinary even though it usually goes unnoticed. Our lives are the lives of resurrected people. We worship on Sunday because it is the day on which Christ rose from the dead. We were dead to God and His love. Dead in our sins, turned on ourselves. We have been brought back to life. We are forgiven. We have hope of a better world to come.

As we enter the new liturgical season, let’s live like people who have hope. Let’s turn our hearts upwards and live in the light. We have a God who loves us to the point of giving us His Son as our Saviour.

We are alive because of His love. So, we love like He loves us. We give life to others by our love for them. We reject the self-centered culture of death and learn to love and serve others like our Risen Lord Jesus. We live in the Easter joy and peace all year long by our service.

Kind words and concrete actions to help the lonely and abandoned, a gift for one in need, taking care of those close to you are all ways of living as Easter Christians, as people who have come back from the dead. May we radiate with His love in our Christian community, families, and in the world. Amen.

~ Pastor Jason

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