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Vacations are over. Let's go back to Church?

God blesses us with so many good things and people. Here in Canada, we can even afford to
take vacations and relax. Active people think retirees are always on vacation. But retirees tell me they
don’t stop. Many retirees use their talents and gifts in service to others in volunteer work or by doing
a job for half of what they were paid. They do this to help out and to feel useful. So, they also take
vacations. I believe it is good for us, Christians, to be always busy serving others in the congregation,
in our local community or everywhere we can put our gifts to good use. No matter our age. After all,
our Lord Jesus Christ, though He is God made man, became the servant of all, even of sinners who
did not deserve to be saved.

Taking vacations is a good practice. God made rest a Law in the Old Testament (the Sabbath
Day and all the Festivals when the Israelites had to rest). But we should never take a vacation from
God and His Word. Thus, when we are on vacation we should find a good church to attend so we
can hear God’s Word proclaimed and receive the sacrament. We should also continue with our
personal devotions.

During Church services, we do not do most of the work. The Holy Spirit does most of it by
giving us God’s good gifts in Christ Jesus. We only respond to His free grace in Jesus by our praise
and by a life a service. We cannot compensate Jesus or the Holy Spirit for the gifts of forgiveness of
sins and life everlasting. We can only say “thank you” by our words and life of service. So, before
God we are always resting, having a Sabbath Day. For we know that His love for us in Christ is free
and new every day. We do not need to perform to be loved by God. We work for Him simply because
we love Him back in return floving us.

So, stay on spiritual vacation by coming to Church and by remaining daily in His good Word of
the Gospel. The peace of God be with you all.


~ Pastor Jason

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