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Word Alone or Felt Opinion Alone?

We live in a culture that encourages fulfilling our felt needs immediately. From this approach comes a
tendency to measure all issues and opinions by what we feel about them. For example, a man and woman
live together without being married, and will not get married because they feel in love and are happy just like
that. Then someone introduces the idea that they should be in a committed life-long relationship called
”marriage”, because human beings need this stability and mutual respect as a couple and for their children.
The response is usually along the line of, “That’s not how we feel about our relationship, and marriage is just
a piece of paper”. This is sometimes the response of Christians, even after they are told it’s God’s will
according to the Bible and the 6th Commandment. You can argue all day and all night about it; they believe
their feeling is the end of it, the final criteria of truth.

There are tons of examples of this me-and-my-feelings mindset in the Bible and in everyday life. It all
started in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve felt they needed to eat the forbidden fruit and that it would be
better for them than to do what God had told them: “You shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the
midst of the garden!” They believed their feelings and the devil rather than God. Sin and death entered the
world. Since then our feelings are tricking us daily into believing lies and things that are not good for us.
Father knows best!! Do you remember how as kids we felt that we were always right and our parents
were crazy and too severe? Well, we are the children of God, our loving and perfect heavenly Father. He
knows best for us. He gave us His good Word for us to obey. He also made our emotions. So, feelings are a
good thing. But as said earlier, since the fall into sin, good feelings are intertwined with wrong feelings. The
Word of God, the Bible, is a light that reveals which of our feelings and opinions are right or wrong.
One of the rallying cries of our Lutheran Church is ‘’Sola Scriptura’’ (by “God’s Word alone”). As
Christians, we live by God’s Word alone and not by our feelings and opinions alone. Our feelings and
opinions are to be influenced and directed by God’s Word.

This might sound a little harsh. But it really is not, for God’s Word to you is not only rules and Laws,
but it is above all Jesus Christ. The Bible proclaims high and loud that in Jesus Christ you have a gracious
God who forgives your sin and gives you life everlasting. The Father and the Son sent you the Holy Spirit for
you to have a new life where you will find happiness, even as you struggle to live according to God’s Word.
You will find joy even in your daily battles as you know from the Bible that God looks out for you and cares for
you. Then the Holy Spirit will transform your feelings and emotions into Godly ones that are in harmony with
God’s Word. You will always struggle with sin in this life and always need His forgiveness. Yet the Holy Spirit
will be to active give you new life by helping you live out your baptism in daily repentance and faith in God’s
love in Jesus.

So, yes Sola Scriptura indeed!

~ Pastor Jason

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