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Rev. Colton J. LaMay

Pastor Colton J. LaMay hails from Petoskey, Michigan and is the son of Hilton and Deborah LaMay. Colton was raised in the southern Missouri town of Doniphan, where he was baptized and confirmed at Trinity Lutheran Church (LCMS). From childhood, Pastor Colton was encouraged to heed God’s call and enter the pastoral ministry. God had other formation in mind for Pastor Colton as he spent the beginning of his career as a professional musician. Pastor Colton attended college for classical guitar performance at Bethany College in Lindsborg, Kansas. God’s plans abound, as this would be the place Pastor Colton and Sadie would later meet. After college, Pastor Colton was called as the Associate Director of Music for Grace Lutheran, Saint Petersburg from 2007 until 2015. During this time, Pastor Colton and Sadie were married and Jude was born. Pastor continued to serve musically while earning a Master’s in Education in 2013. Pastor Colton specialized in Music Education and Pre-School Education and taught at Grace Lutheran Church and eventually at Saint Michael Lutheran Church and School.


In 2015, God called the LaMay family to serve as Director of Music Ministries for Saint Michael Lutheran Church and School in Fort Myers. Here, Pastor Colton was further called into the pastoral ministry and encouraged by the congregation and the senior pastor to enter the ministry via the SMP program. Pastor Colton began the SMP program in 2018 and finished in June of 2022. This was a busy time including Joshua’s birth and the global pandemic. The pandemic was a time for learning and growth as Pastor Colton had to fill in for his senior pastor and mentor for six months due to a hospitalized bout with long Covid. Pastor Colton’s mentor survived by the grace of God and is thankfully continuing to serve in Fort Myers.


Pastor Colton and Sadie love spending time together and with Jude and Joshua. The family enjoys caring for animals and spending time in nature. The family also loves spending time at home watching movies and playing games. They seek to help the community and to strive for equity and equality for all people through reflecting the love of Jesus authentically and holistically. The LaMay family is excited to serve our family of faith at Redeemer, the community of Sarnia, and the many neighbouring areas in the years to come. To God be all glory and honour through His Son, the Resurrected Jesus by the power of His Holy Spirit for now and evermore!

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